A Home Food of “Kalyani Food Products” commenced in the year 2021 of Pandemic Situation of Corona. Later it became a Entity of Private Limited and now it is “Kamaneeya Foods Private Limited”’.

The objective of Kamaneeya providing tasty products to the customers with experience and expanding the flavour of each meal and has been dedicated in delivering the products to the customers on time.

Kamaneeya foods purely the process of manufacturing in the home made with different generations of handmade like covering the three generations.

The process totally takes place in hygienic conditions for health, wealth and taste, products manufacturing takes three consecutive processes from procurement of Raw materials into work in process into finished goods of the product.

Now the Kamaneeya brand started the home made pickles now enhanced to the manufacturing of various products like Raipowder, chilli powder, masalas, Spices, etc.

Our food products are all approved by FSSAI. Present our product exporting to other countries like USA, UK and slowly expanding globally soon.